Video game development

Developing Video Games and Changing Trends

Developing game is expanding day by day and it seems that every one wants to develop video games. There are giant and leading studios that have hundreds of people on their board, developing video games all day night. Then there are small games, but they are doing incredible work. In addition to all these, we have more independent game developer than ever. This is really beneficial for developing games, because whether it is a leader in gaming industry or an independent amateur, every one is bringing its uniqueness and skills for developing games and we can expect that they will evolve further in new and exciting directions.

Having said that, developing game industry though is stronger than ever before, it is also changing rapidly. Most games are being purchased online rather than in person. Compelled by the competition and changing trends companies are seeking help from experts including psychologists to ensure that their products are effective and appealing. Added to this is the growing popularity of smart game app. It therefore, has become really important for the companies to up their antae with focus on everything from design, art, and business development to programming and bring up a team that has a shared vision and passion.

That is what zGames is all about. A masterful blend of problem-solving with education and entertainment, zGames has been in the industry since 2008. Nine years in the industry and the company has been developing games, successfully collaborating with world-leading publishers such as Taito, Big Fish and Atari and integrating third party services.

ZGames is developing imaginative and innovative fun games for all. The fun part is that it has been developing games for all ages. It also offers unique features for games on WebGL and Unity, such as eye tracking for desktops, tablets, consoles and smartphones gambling mechanics and augmented and virtual reality.

One important thing worth mentioning is services zGames provides to other companies with lesser or no resources or expertise. These services range from game and level designs, full cycle game development or 2D, 3D, pixel art creation for games.

ZGames also good at creating a game design document and it works on various platforms. They also create native Android gaming applications with utmost perfection to ensure a faultless user experience. It also works on plat-form independent mobile games that work well on all devices such as consoles, smartphones and tablets. It also boast of owing an exceptional skill set in developing user centric iOS games for iPhone and iPad with a special emphasis on smooth UI interaction.

Another thing that gives zGames an edge on others is its creative and capable team that not only fully comprehends the vision and purpose behind every product but also works towards achieving the objective. ZGames team is bringing its experience, skill set for educational games, casual games, arcades, strategies and advanced mechanics. Also on Reddit people can find community of game developers.

It is for all these reasons zGames is the winner of the Atari Pong Indie Developer Challenge in 2014. One of their titles won Grand Prize in DevGAMM Awards.

Qulix systems – Internet of Things Company

Qulix systems – internet of things company

Qulix Systems is an internet of things company which provides software development, quality assurance, as well as offers IT consulting services. Qulix has been in business for roughly sixteen years. For the past decade and a half, Qulix Systems has been working on their ability to offer fast project start-up time as well as seamless teamwork. Their main goal as an Internet of things software company is to “Provide you with a solution to your business issues via the right technology tools.”
Qulix Systems offers a “client-oriented” approach to their business model. Utilizing an Individual approach to each client’s individual precise requirements, utilizing No language barrier technology, Qulix can easily meet and understand each of the client’s end-users needs. Claiming a Project “Quick start” while enforcing “Efficient task prioritization, a Smart resource management system & knowledge retention services,”Qulix is an internet of things company on the cutting edge of innovation technologies and trends while also introducing new technologies for continuous knowledge improvement.
Qulix is flexible. Offering On-site or remote team member assistance. Each team has the ability to adjust to any project management scheme for any business.
To start working with Qulix, an (NDA) or Non-disclosure agreement is the first step. Qulix ensures data security and WILL NOT disclose private information to any third party.
Qulix has a basic team structure model which it follows. Each project model may vary though depending on the client’s individual needs. A “Project Manager” is the at the head of the team, followed by a “business Analyst.” There is then a “Team Lead,” a “Developer,” and a “QA Engineer.”Qulix Systems employs an “Agile” approach to their works methodologies. They offer a “Waterfall approach as well.( See website for Pictures.
Communication by Qulix Systems team members can be done in many ways. Offering In person meetings, Instant messages using Skype or Viber, chat applications or regular emails.
Qulix ensures IP rights by keeping source code, drafts, documentation, and all intellectual, moral, and patent rights as well as trade secrets sole property of the client as it is known.
Some of the clients this Internet of things company has serviced are very popular as this might be well known by a number of people.
Weight Watchers
I Heart Radio
To name a few.
Qulix is offering Technology consulting, Industry consulting, and QA Consulting for the modern world.
For a quote or to see their Portfolio in action.

What is Custom Software Development?

Development of Software

Are you having a hard time finding the right software to use in your business? What is Custom Software Development. Are you tired of using an off the shelf software in your business that does not work for you? Well, the custom software development can be the best solution for you. It involves the specific design of a software application that fits your business requirements. The software developed is designed to fit your needs precisely and is not packaged for reselling.

It is the ideal software if you are looking for something with a personal touch that reflects your business goals and objectives. Like any development process of the software, the custom software development process has several stages before getting the final product. This includes the requirement collection, research, risk/changes management, development, intermediate deliveries reporting and quality assurance.

Why custom software development is so popular?

Nowadays, in the software development and innovation era there is so much competition as everyone is trying to be the best in the field. Advantages of the dedicated team – this has led the custom software development to become very popular in the market. Most people prefer it as it is built based on your specific business requirements. This in turn enables you to keep up with the ever changing business trends and the evolving innovation and technology.

In custom software development the main focus is in the core features that are important in the development. Other additional features can be added at a later time if needed. With this in mind, most businesses use the custom software developed knowing that changes can be made later easily with the evolving business requirement.

The Pros of custom software development

1. Quality features

One of the reasons why having a custom software is the fact that it has great features that the off the shelf software do not have. This is because of the software design that is built specifically to meet your business needs.

2. High productivity

The internet of things software development is not only built to address the internal needs of the business, but also to increase the productivity level in your business. This in turn leads to the business achieving its set goals and objectives.

3. Increase efficiency

With this software application in your business you are able to increase your sales volumes gradually as there is high efficiency. This is because of its unique design and changes that can be made to keep up with the latest trends later.

Whereas to customize software includes both high cost and relatively high risks, as all expenses related to elearning development process often is incurred by the business, there is no need to worry. If your business needs are unique and requires custom software then you should go for it rather than settling for an off the shelf software.


Picking the right company to custom develop a software for your business can be a little bit difficult. Always keep in mind choosing the company should never come down to money, but should about the company that understands your needs and willing to meet them. At HQ Software we offer custom software development services to meet your business needs. Contact us today for great services.

Banking software solutions

Standfore – Banking software company

Banking software company – Standfore has been around from 2000 and has been able to do a lot in the IT sector particularly in the banking sector. It has a client base from all over the world from the USA to Russia. It is mainly focused at developing and implementing commercial banking software systems for mobile and computers.

Standfore believes in coöperation between all stakeholders from the designers, engineers to the end-user so to enable development and implementation of successful banking solutions

Standfore is in the lead at providing various banking solutions that enable banks to enhance efficient user interaction with their clients and the clients enjoy secure banking services such as mobile banking etc

The various banking software solutions are:

Retail banking it is an creative way for banks to reach the day-to-day customers who run midlevel business and enhance their presence by providing them with various services like financing using mobile banking where they are able to over products like cash loans and give them a platform to enable them deposit cash into their accounts without going physically to the bank thus enabling both parties to benefit.

Corporate banking it brings both innovation and new technology. It enables corporate set up business online banking and business mobile banking thus enable corporate to use these systems to pay salaries to their employees, get financial bank statements with ease, apply for a loan and deposit money into it account from their offices.

Standfore provides front office platform that enables a bank make it day-to-day activities easy by enabling effective and efficient communication between all its branches to its customers thus enable proper delivery of services. It also enables to enhance marketing of the various offers the bank has from one customer to the next as it is able to distinguish each customers banking habits.

Standfore are online banking solution providers platform for the administrative head of the banking organizations. This platform is able to produce real-time reports of the various services that have taken place in the bank on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This platform is one of a kind as it acts as central interface for the banking institution and is used for advanced marketing strategies that the management wants to carry out to enable efficient banking services.

In conclusion, it is no doubt standfore is a leader in innovation in the banking industry and focused to enabling banking capabilities to all from small to well established business thus a banking system leader.